The chipping technique is a very simple chipping stroke. You are facing the the target and you are like tossing the golf ball with your hands. This chipping technique does not require power.

  1. Face your target
  2. Take a small back stroke and accelerate into your chipping shot.
  3. Think distance and speed for this chipping shot.
  4. Start practicing from about 6 feet off the green.

The chipping yips is not funny when you get it. The face on chipping technique will be curing the yips. To practice the correct golf swing for the face on chipping golf club is to be about 6 feet from the putting green and just rock your body to have a perfect golf swing for the chipping style. The chipping tips is very simple, start from a short distance and try to place all your balls in the same spot on the putting green this will give you the proper golf swing to eliminate the yips.The sidesaddle chipping tips is almost like tossing the golf ball with your hands to the hole this prevent the chipping yips.

Give it a try and see how simple the face on chipping stroke is to master.

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