The Face Forward Chipping Technique: A Simplified Golf Shot.

You are facing the the target and you are like tossing the golf ball with your hands. This chipping technique does not require power.

  1. Face your target
  2. Take a small back stroke and accelerate into your chipping shot.
  3. Think distance and speed for this chipping shot.
  4. Start practicing from about 6 feet off the green.

Experiencing the chipping yips in golf can be deeply frustrating, causing a considerable challenge to one’s game.

However, the face-on chipping technique stands out as a reliable solution to overcome this vexing issue. This technique aims to remedy the yips by adopting a face-on stance while chipping, offering a more controlled and fluid swing motion.

To master this chipping technique, begin by positioning yourself approximately 6 feet from the putting green. The goal is to execute a smooth and controlled body motion, which translates into a perfect golf swing tailored for the face-on chipping style. Emphasizing the proper body movement and alignment during this practice is key to refining the technique.

Integrating simple yet effective chipping tips becomes instrumental in conquering the yips. Initiate your practice sessions from shorter distances and focus on consistently landing your balls in the same targeted area of the putting green. This repetitive practice cultivates muscle memory and sharpens the precision required for an accurate and controlled chipping style, effectively eliminating the yips from your game.

The sidesaddle chipping tips further enhance your chipping prowess. This unique technique involves executing a gentle, hands-on approach to chipping, almost like delicately tossing a golf ball towards the hole. By adopting this method, you create a more fluid and controlled motion, preventing the onset of the chipping yips and boosting your confidence in your chipping game.

As you diligently refine these techniques through dedicated practice and repetition, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your chipping performance. The frustration associated with the yips will gradually fade away, replaced by a newfound confidence and precision in executing your shots on the course.

Give it a try and see how simple the face on chipping stroke is to master.

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What’s the right chipping technique in golf?

If you’re struggling with your chipping game, experimenting with ball positions and various clubs might not resolve the yips. Sometimes, it’s worth considering a complete overhaul of your setup. Embrace an open-minded approach and observe the potential outcomes that a change in technique could bring to your game. Check out the instructional chipping videos we offer.

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