The Secret of the SkyLob Wedge is in the Lie Angle!

Master Your Golf Swing with the SkyLob Wedge: Achieve Consistent Square Clubface in Bunkers & Beyond Thanks to its Unique Lie Angle Design.

The SkyLob Wedge introduces a game-changing innovation with its meticulously designed lie angle, revolutionizing your short game. Discover how this specific lie angle empowers golfers to achieve consistent, precise shots, especially in bunkers. Experience improved control, accuracy, and a consistent square clubface, making the SkyLob Wedge an indispensable asset in perfecting your golfing technique.

In the photo, you’ll see a putter, the SkyLob wedge, and a standard wedge set at a 64-degree lie angle. Contrasting with these, the SkyLob is set at a 70-degree angle, resulting in a more upright position. This setup enables us to consistently maintain a square clubface while using the SkyLob wedge. The goal of the SkyLob was to execute a regular golf swing around the green under varying ball lie conditions without needing to manipulate the golf club.

SkyLob wedge 70 degree

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SkyLob Wedge lie angle

In the world of golf, the standard practice typically revolves around maintaining a square clubface for various shots. However, when you encounter challenging scenarios, such as the need to navigate bunkers and land the ball softly around the greens, you often find yourself adjusting your swing by opening the clubface. This can make the game more intricate. But with the introduction of the SkyLob Wedge, you can simplify your approach. There’s no necessity to manipulate the clubface; you can keep it square, just as you would with any other club in your golf bag. This means you can employ the same consistent golf swing you use for every shot, even in the bunker. The result? A more predictable and accessible golf experience with consistently improved outcomes.

The SkyLob Wedge, known for its impressive 64 degrees of loft, 9 degrees of bounce, and a unique 70-degree lie angle, distinguishes itself from many other wedge manufacturers that stick to a standard 64-degree lie angle. The innovative 70-degree lie angle decision was made with precision in mind. By positioning the ball closer to your feet, it minimizes the need to adjust the clubface during your golf swing, adding a remarkable advantage to your short game.

To witness the SkyLob Wedge in action and gain a deeper understanding of its performance, we invite you to explore our comprehensive video demonstrations. It’s worth noting that the SkyLob Wedge fully complies with golf regulations, cementing its status as a legitimate and adaptable choice for participation in golf tournaments worldwide.

SkyLob wedge groove

Absolutely! The SkyLob Wedge is a game-changer, enabling you to maintain your standard stance, keep the clubface square, and execute a regular golf swing—all while enjoying the advantage of being closer to your target. When you’re within striking distance of the hole, the margin for error diminishes significantly compared to shots from greater distances, such as being 90 yards away from the green. This proximity demands precision, and the SkyLob Wedge empowers you to meet that demand.

What sets the SkyLob Wedge apart is its ingenious design, engineered to eliminate the necessity of manipulating the clubface for shots around the green. Unlike traditional clubs where adjustments might be needed, this wedge ensures that you can approach shots with a square face effortlessly. Its meticulous craftsmanship allows for unparalleled accuracy and precision, enabling you to make the most reliable and exacting shots on the golf course. Say goodbye to the complexities of manipulating your clubface and hello to the confidence of hitting accurate and controlled shots with ease, all thanks to the SkyLob Wedge

What distance do you choose for your lay-up shot?

Pin Positions for Each Hole at the Augusta Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

Are you contemplating a shift in your strategy for the lay-up shot on the golf course?

When you encounter obstacles like a small creek or bunker blocking your path to the green, deciding where to position your shot becomes crucial. Often, discussions among golfers revolve around the aim for a full swing, typically positioning oneself between 80 to 100 yards from the target. The reason is clear: even a slight 5-degree deviation in a shot from 90 yards can land the ball approximately 23.5 feet away from the hole.

Enter the SkyLob Wedge – a true game-changer. This revolutionary club allows you to maintain a full swing from a shorter distance to the flag. Consider a scenario at 40 yards where a 5-degree deviation from the hole amounts to just 10.5 feet off-target. Notably, the SkyLob Wedge is meticulously designed with a precise lie angle set at 70 degrees, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your shots. Its unique construction keeps the clubface aligned with your target for an extended duration, owing to the ball’s proximity to your feet.

Typically, executing a full swing from 40 yards with a traditional wedge can pose significant challenges. However, with the SkyLob Wedge, this feat becomes remarkably achievable. Picture the pin sheet from the Augusta Masters tournament and recognize the minimal margin for error. Here’s where the SkyLob Wedge truly excels, offering a groundbreaking solution that can elevate your golf game to new heights.

The unique loft and lie angle design of the SkyLob Wedge allow us to position the club closer to our feet, minimizing the distance to the ball. With a loft set at 64 degrees, this intentional design enables us to execute a regular golf swing while keeping the clubface square to the target from a shorter distance. This deliberate approach ensures precision and accuracy, specifically crafted for shots around the green, covering distances of approximately up to 50 yards. Furthermore, the exquisite combination of loft and lie creates the ideal club for effortlessly getting out of bunkers without the need to manipulate the golf club. 

Hole location per green

This is the result of hitting the golf ball the correct distance but  being off by 5 degree from target. This is a 100 yards shot and the result is 8.72 yards or 26.16 feet away from the flag.

This is the result of hitting the golf ball the correct distance but  being off by 5 degree from target. This is a 40 yards shot and the result is 3.49 yards or 10.47 feet away from the flag.

100 yards shot
40 yards shot

We took a deep dive into how PGA tour players handle their short game to find ways that could help everyone in the golf world.

One thing we zoomed in on was this stat called GIR (Green in Regulation). Turns out, the top PGA player hits about 72% of greens in regulation, but the 192nd-ranked player only manages around 61%. That’s like the 192nd player reaching just 11 holes in regulation, while the top dogs have to pull off some magic on 7 holes per round.

So, we got thinking and came up with the SkyLob wedge to step up the game. This club is cool because it lets us make a regular golf swing around the green without messing around with the club’s positioning, thanks to its special design. The secret sauce? It’s the lie angle set to 70%, bringing the ball closer to our feet and keeping the clubface square for every shot. That makes the golf shot around the green a whole lot easier and consistent.

Our goal? Making sure that in any short game situation, even in the bunker, we could swing the club normally while keeping it square.

We designed the SkyLob wedge with a loft and lie angle combination of 64 degrees, 70 degrees, and a 9-degree bounce.

This unique combination allows for the utilization of the wedge in various situations, enabling a normal golf swing to be effective across different conditions. There’s no need to alter our golf swing with the SkyLob wedge; we swing this golf club just like any other club in your golf bag. What is the lie angle in golf is like the club’s stance – it’s all about how it stands! When your club rests in its setup position, the lie angle measures the angle between the shaft and the ground. 

What is a lob wedge degree?

A lob wedge is a golf club crafted to produce high loft and a sharp upward angle upon striking the golf ball. The loft degree typically ranges between 58 to 64 degrees. Players often open the clubface to execute a finesse shot, generating extra height and a shorter distance on their golf shots. However, an alternative approach involves positioning the ball closer to the feet, achieving a similar outcome without manipulating the clubface.

To accommodate this adjustment, the SkyLob wedge features a 70-degree lie angle from the golf shaft to the clubhead. This modification aims to minimize the need to manipulate the clubface, allowing for a more conventional golf swing when executing these specialized shots.

What is the difference between the sand wedge vs lob wedge degree?

What sets apart the sand wedge from the lob wedge in terms of their loft degrees? The primary distinction lies in the loft angle influencing the distance and trajectory of the golf ball.

Sand wedges typically feature less loft compared to lob wedges, with a standard sand wedge having around 56 degrees of loft. This lesser loft allows sand wedges to cover more distance on golf shots, balancing both height and distance effectively.

Conversely, the lob wedge is specifically designed to elevate the golf ball to greater heights while sacrificing some distance. With loft degrees typically ranging from 58 to 64 degrees, the lob wedge excels at producing higher trajectories with shorter distances, making it ideal for precision shots that require the ball to stop quickly upon landing, particularly around the greens.

We receive many questions about the differences between various manufacturer lob wedges such as Callaway, Cleveland, TaylorMade, Titleist and Ping. While all these manufacturers produce quality golf clubs, the standout difference with the SkyLob wedge is its uniquely set lie angle at 70 degrees. This specific angle allows us to position the golf ball closer to our feet, eliminating the need to manipulate the golf swing or the club to achieve favorable results.

The lob wedge, also known as a lofted wedge or high loft wedge, is a pivotal club in golfers’ bags, especially for the short game. Its loft, measured in degrees, often ranges between 58 to 64, making it one of the highest lofted clubs. When choosing a lob wedge, considering its degree, bounce, and features becomes crucial.

Numerous lob wedge brands offer various advantages and features, making it essential to read lob wedge reviews and understand the technique behind using this club effectively. The lob wedge’s unique design allows for high spin, making it ideal for finesse shots around the green and generating impressive distances.

One key aspect is the lob wedge’s bounce, influencing its performance on different turf conditions. Proper lob wedge fitting ensures that it suits your swing and playing style, maximizing its uses and benefits. Learning how to use a lob wedge involves mastering the technique to achieve precise and controlled shots.

Understanding the lob wedge’s uses and employing the right technique can significantly enhance your short game, making it an indispensable tool for golfers seeking improved performance on the course.

We extensively researched various lob wedge techniques and reviewed multiple models to develop the SkyLob. The uses of a lob wedge are highly beneficial around the green, and our aim was to simplify every lob wedge shot with our club. Our design eliminates the need for manipulating the golf swing; instead, it allows for a normal swing to achieve desired results.

We often receive the following questions:

What degree is a lob wedge? How to use a lob wedge in golf? What is the loft of a lob wedge? What are the best lob wedges available? How far should I hit a lob wedge? What is the purpose of a lob wedge in golf? Which lob wedge is suitable for high handicappers? How to improve lob wedge shots? What are the differences between lob wedges from different brands? What are the advantages of using a lob wedge in the short game? These inquiries are all significant because we ourselves pondered the same questions before developing the SkyLob wedge. The more questions we receive, the more we brainstormed because our aim was to develop a genuinely useful lob wedge. We wanted to innovate rather than simply follow the crowd. Who are we to persuade you to try our SkyLob wedge? Well, with over 16 years in this industry, we’ve implemented some effective routes that have left a mark in the golf industry. All major golf manufacturers have offered Lob wedges with pretty much the same design for many years. There hasn’t been much innovation. They tend to make slight changes every year just to sell you a ‘better’ club annually. On the contrary, we don’t believe in altering the club model every single year. When we’ve got a good golf club, we stick with it.

Let’s discuss the significance of the 64 degree wedge and why it’s an essential addition to our golf bags. The straightforward answer lies in its utility for difficult shots around the green. With its loft of 64 degrees, this club allows us to execute a regular golf swing, propelling the ball a short distance. Consider the numerous instances where you’re faced with a shot ranging from 30 to 50 yards, needing to clear a bunker or water hazard to reach the green. Using a 60-degree lob wedge requires a modified swing to overcome such challenges without overshooting the green. However, with the SkyLob 64 degree wedge, you can execute a standard swing, easily clearing obstacles like bunkers and landing softly on the green.

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