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SkyLob wedge back view
SkyLob Wedge backface view

Easy golf swing with the SkyLob Wedge

Secret golf club for scoring 

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Normally in golf, you play everything with a square clubface, and then when you get around the greens you know if you have to go up and over a bunker you want to loft it kind of high to land it soft. So for this shot you kind of open your clubface and adjust your swing but with the SkyLob Wedge you don't need to open the clubface you just keep it square like every other club in your bag. This takes the guessing out of the golf swing. The SkyLob Wedge just makes it much easier and the results are much more consistent.

The SkyLob has 64 degrees of loft and 9 degrees of bounce and 70 degrees of lie angle.

Why did we create the LIE ANGLE of the SkyLob at 70 degrees? This gives us a big advantage over pretty much every manufacture that has a lie angle set to 64 degrees. The reason we have 70 degrees for the lie angle is that the ball location will be closer to your feet and create less opening and closing the clubface during your golf swing.

Have a look at the videos of the SkyLob Wedge and yes the golf club is 100% legal for any golf tournament in the world.

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SkyLob wedge groove

Yes, you could take a normal stand normal square face, and YES a normal golf swing but you are closer to your target. When you are closer to your hole is harder to be offline comparing to being at 90 yards from the green. No need to open the clubface to manipulate the golf shot with the SkyLob Wedge was designed so around the green with a square face so guess at this golf shot.

At what distance do you lay up?

Maybe it's time to change your location for the lay-up!

Where do you lay up if you know you can't reach the green because of a small creek or bunker that is in front of the green. When talking to golfers they mention that they like to have a full swing for that shot and I get between 80 to 100 yards from most of the time.  A shot from 90 yards to the flag that is off by 5 degrees to the left or right is equal to 23.5 feet away from the hole.

Well well, let me explain to you why you should be using the SkyLob Wedge because you will be able to have a full swing from a shorter distance of the flag. Okay, let take the distance of 40 yards and give us the same 5 degrees to the left or right of the hole equal to 10.5 feet away. Remember that the SkyLob wedge was created with the lie angle set to 70 degrees to be more precise. The SkyLob Wedge keeps the clubface longer in line with your target because the ball is closer to your feet.


Not easy with your wedge from 40 yards but with the SkyLob wedge, you will be able to have a full swing to the flag. Now just look at the pin sheet from the Augusta Masters tournament and see that you don't have a lot of room to be off.


Hole by Hole pin location from Augusta GA Masters.

Hole location per green

This is the result of hitting the golf ball the correct distance but  being off by 5 degree from target. This is a 100 yards shot and the result is 8.72 yards or 26.16 feet away from the flag.



100 yards shot

This is the result of hitting the golf ball the correct distance but  being off by 5 degree from target. This is a 40 yards shot and the result is 3.49 yards or 10.47 feet away from the flag.



40 yards shot
GP putter

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SkyLob Wedge backface view

Skylob Wedge  $135

All 3 Golf Clubs

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chipping technique

Chipping Golf Club $135

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HBB 56 Wedge $135

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